What is a cooperative and how do I benefit from it?


  • A co-op is owned and operated by the members who borrow from it.
  • Farm Credit Services Southwest is member-owned by local farmers and ranchers. 
  • You have a voice in the Association leadership and future with your membership vote. 
  • Our members share in the success of our Association through patronage payouts.

How is Farm Credit Services Southwest different from a bank?


  • We’re ag experts with actual ag experience. Agriculture is all we’ve done since 1917. 
  • We offer personalized service - a lender who knows your business, anticipates your needs, and structures your loans to serve your best interests.
  • Loan approvals are local.
  • Convenience - You do not need to travel to us to do business, we come to you.
  • You will not have to spend valuable time maintaining multiple relationships to secure needed financial services – we supply a full package of services for you. We offer crop insurance, life insurance, leasing, financial planning and more.
  • We share our profits through patronage refunds.

Do you make loans to people not in agriculture?

  • We only finance a narrow group of rural and ag-related customers.

Is there a limit to the size of the loan I can apply for? 

  • Farm Credit Services Southwest can handle almost any loan size. The very large complex loans are handled through our Capital Markets group.

How is the Farm Credit System related to the government?

  • The Farm Credit System is a government sponsored enterprise. With this status, we are able to tap into financial markets at competitive rates and terms. In return, we are required to focus on meeting the credit needs of only rural and ag-related customers.
  • The Farm Credit System is governed by the Farm Credit Act, under the jurisdiction of the House and Senate Agriculture committees.

How long does it take to get a loan?

  • Most loan decisions are made within a day or two after a complete application is received.

How can Farm Credit Services help a young, beginning and small farmer?

  • We are committed to the success of agriculture and rural America. And, as a part of that commitment, we support many programs that enhance opportunities for Young, Beginning and Small farmers. Click here for more information.