Project CENTRL Promotes Rural Leadership


The mission statement for Project CENTRL is to equip and empower leaders to meet the needs of rural Arizona and that is exactly what Project CENTRL, the Center for Rural Leadership, does. Since 1983 Project CENTRL has equipped and empowered over 600 leaders in Arizona to identify and meet the varied needs of rural Arizona. Through a series of seminars held in different areas around the state, this one year program immerses the participants in issues facing both rural and urban Arizona. Issues such community and economic development, social and education in rural areas and natural resource conservation. The seminars teach fundamentals of leadership, effective communication and how the state legislature conducts the business of Arizona. The program also provides for an international trip to the interior of Mexico where the participants gain a sense of how our neighbor to the south deals with rural issues. Finally the program ends with a trip to Washington DC giving the participants an education of how national issues affect state and local communities.

The focus of this premier leadership program has been and always will be for the participants to take the education and skills they gain from participating and affect change back into their communities where they live. This program truly is an investment of human capital directly back into rural Arizona.

Farm Credit Services Southwest has been active supporter of Project CENTRL. There are five employee graduates, as well as 28 current Borrowers of Farm Credit that have completed and graduated from the program. Our current donation level sponsors an evening networking event at each of the 9 seminars held around the state. Farm Credit’s support of Project CENTRL is in perfect alignment with our mission of support rural America. It is a great partnership that is mutually beneficial.

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