Help us maintain the patronage program




Maximum use of financial services promotes the success of your cooperative

Our goal at Farm Credit Services Southwest is to be profitable enough to generate needed capital to run our business and provide patronage refunds every year.

To accomplish this goal, the board, management and staff of Farm Credit Services Southwest work to maintain high financial and credit quality standards and to generate sufficient capital to support our loan volume.  We also closely monitor budgets so we can run our business as efficiently as possible.

As a member of this Association, you can help us maintain the patronage refund program by doing your part, too.  For example, referring your family and friends to FCSSW for loans will help us to continue to grow our business.  High loan volume helps contribute to the organization's profitability.

Another important way you can help is by taking advantage of our complete package of financial services.  By utilizing these services, you're making an investment in your own cooperative.  That's because all of our financial services focus exclusively on managing the financial responsibilities of agricultural businesses similar to yours.

Take advantage of the wide range of financial services offered by your Association to compliment the credit products you already use.

Patronage FAQs


Maintaining the Patronage Program

>    Keep your loans
      in good standing

>    Recommend and refer
      non-FCSSW neighbors
      and friends to us

>    Keep us informed of local
      issues and how we can continue
      to serve our membership

>    Be a loyal and involved member
      of FCSSW