We're in the business of
growing your business.

Farming and Ranching isn’t like any other business so why should your financial institution be like any other bank?  We’ve been helping farming and ranching businesses of all sizes for more than 100 years.

So, whether you need an operating loanreal estate loan or capital for expansion, you’ll find the customized agricultural loan you want and great service at Farm Credit Services Southwest.

Here's a few reasons why we continue to be the premier ag lender after all these years:

  • Competitive rates
  • On-farm service
  • Seasoned, knowledgeable portfolio managers who are experts in agricultural finance
  • Flexible terms to match your seasonal income
  • Local loan decisions 
  • Wide variety of products and services to help you maximize your profits
  • Membership in a cooperative (through your membership vote, you have a voice in the Association leadership and future)
  • Patronage Refunds – sharing profits with our members

To apply for a loan, call the Farm Credit Services Southwest branch closest to you.  Nearly all decisions are made within a day or two, right in your local office.